Cliff the Gap Leaper - Seeking members!

2014-01-15 15:46:42 by Pkmn2

Because of the success of "Christmas Collab 2013", I've decided to continue the momentum and start another collaboration with this awesome community.

I present you "Cliff the Gap Leaper"








The premise of this collaboration is simple.

Cliff has to cross a big gap in front of him. No matter what. No matter how.

The concept is so simplistic, but yet full of potential if carried out correctly and anyone can contribute to this project.

If you have an idea for a sketch, then please feel free and post your ideas in this thread.

We are also looking for animators, artists and musician, so what are you waiting for? Join this wicked collab today!



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2014-01-15 21:39:42

Huh! Best get my mind to contemplating then..........
nope, nuthin' yet :(


2014-01-15 21:57:08

I have visualized what I'll do.


2014-01-16 00:52:54

stick collab?
cartoon collab?


2014-01-16 01:01:14

i want join but i use lower (macromedia flash 8), i don't can download the template, can you publish the swf file please?

Pkmn2 responds:

Please wait for the Flash 8 version of the template.

We are currently working on it.


2014-01-16 16:47:05

I have a question! I unfortunatly don't have many sprite animator skill yet... But I wondered if you needed help to find original themes for collabs/animation projects? The few I've seen were pretty awesome, and i wondered if I could possibly help and/or suggest themes that might interest you.

In any case, good luck with this new collab, can't wait to see it :)

Pkmn2 responds:

I've got plenty of ideas myself, but if you want to help me, why not post some ideas for a skit like VicariousE?


2014-01-16 18:35:40

Shouldn't this function like a normal collab where everyone animates makes their own skit and submits it to you? Having one or two guys animating a bunch of other people's ideas doesn't sound like it'll pan out very well. You also haven't given out the aspect ratio you're using, the framerate, the stage color or a length limit of any kind.

Pkmn2 responds:

All the details and settings can be found in the links above.
The rules are made in order to maintain consistency, but it still offers enough creative freedom.
Everyone can use their own artstyle/ideas and yet the main core theme is there.


2014-01-17 00:53:49

okay but publish the swf please!

Pkmn2 responds:

I'll update the fla soon. Please wait.