Cliff the Gap Leaper - Current Progress [1]

2014-02-06 12:55:18 by Pkmn2

Time to report the progress on this wicked collaboration.

13 Newgrounds users volunteered in making an entry so far, but that doesn't mean it stops at that. Everyone is welcome to join into the mix.

A few members submitted their entry early and they look great so far.

In order to give you a little taste on what's to come, here's my (first) contribution to the collab. I'm planning to do more. Click on the picture to preview!


I hope this got your interest and maybe you can contribute to this.

I also accept ideas, so go ahead and write them down in the comments section. Maybe your idea gets into the collab.


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2014-02-06 13:04:35

very good idea, and funny too!